The Right Way to prevent freight damage

Paylode® reusable dunnage makes hundreds of trips over many years. Our lightweight HDPE products are nestable for economic return!

  • Eliminate the constant cost of throw-away packaging
  • Protect cargo better with plastic
  • Prevent tons of landfill

The Right Way to prevent freight damage.

Reusable Plastic Technology Delivers Superior Load Securement

Field-proven to reduce freight damage vs. typical products in use today.

  • AAR approved / CFR 49 compliant
  • Reduces load shifting / prevents pallet loads from leaning
  • Protects packaging from damage
  • Ensures compliance to bridge laws
  • Provides the best cargo protection at the lowest cost per load

Reusables Return Measurable Savings & Fast Payback

Paylode HDPE reusable systems last for 7+ years of harsh use—eliminating the continuous cost of purchasing cardboard and wood dunnage for every load.

Additional savings are gained from reduced labor (faster loading/unloading times) and less freight damage.

Proven to bring the best ROI in freight protection.

Eliminate the waste and cost of disposable dunnage.

With Paylode reusable systems, you eliminate the solid waste of disposable dunnage going into landfills.

Paylode products are made of 100% recycled materials. And, after you enjoy years of economical reuse, we’ll buy them back and recycle them—CRADLE-TO-CRADLE.

Sustainability by disposing of disposables.

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