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At Paylode, our expert staff provides superior cargo securement solutions to reduce your in-transit damages by up to 80 percent while
enabling you to maximize optimal weight-per-shipment ratios to reduce transportation expenses.  By providing unique solutions to hundreds of customers over a multitude of industries, Paylode is well prepared to meet your cargo securement challenges.   


Thanks to our expertise across Rail, Truck, Intermodal, and Overseas shipping methods, Paylode’s professional staff can efficiently design solutions to meet your specific damage reduction goals, no matter what combination of shipping strategies you are utilizing. 


Contact Paylode's multi-modal load design experts for a FREE on-site evaluation and assessment. Our experts will gladly travel to you. Simply notify a member of our staff where you are located as well as the scope of your projected needs, and we will gladly organize an on-site meeting to evaluate your exact needs. We offer the best, most cost effective solutions to help your company protect its products during transit.  

Paylode Cargo Protection Systems