"For the rail shipments in particular, the panels gave us the ability to increase weight loads by 35 percent."

"From my experience, the Lateral Void Fillers are almost 100% reusable. And, in the eight months we have been using them, we have not yet seen any damage or shifting of our carpet tiles. So, with an airbag, I get limited utilization; in some cases we're lucky if it makes one trip. With the Lateral Void Fillers they always make the trip, and they last a long time."

Scenario 1

Scenario 3

Scenario 2

Scenario 2

Challenge: An automotive products shipper was encountering significant blocking and bracing costs when shipping by intermodal container. On top of that, this securement process was done off site, which often resulted in transit delays when containers arrived late, missing rail cut times. 

Solution:  After initial studies, the Paylode team provided a load plan incorporating cost-effective, easy-to-use solutions that eliminated the costly and labor intensive methods of cutting and nailing wood to secure product. The shipper was able to install the Paylode solutions on-site, preventing transit delays and at less than half the cost!

Scenario 3

Challenge:  A shipper had been relying on steel bulkhead cars to move canned good products via rail. Unfortunately, these cars are being phased out by the railroads due to high maintenance costs and safety concerns.  The company had no alternative other than to convert to more expensive forms of transportation (i.e. truck, intermodal).  

Solution:  Paylode engineers developed an AAR-approved solution, allowing customers to use standard rail cars. It eliminated their dependence on these limited steel bulkhead cars. This shipper avoided higher transportation costs by turning to Paylode for an effective alternative to bulkhead rail cars.

Let us maximize your cargo space and offer cost-effective securement solutions to increase your load efficiency, and provide safer loading processes. The benefits include reducing time, enhancing worker safety and saving you money!  

Contact Paylode’s multi-modal design experts for a FREE on-site evaluation and assessment.  

Scenario 1

Challenge:  A company that ships granulated bagged products had been using rail effectively to transport their product for years. But due to the relative light weight of their products, they were unable to maximize the available car weight to minimize their expenses. 

Solution: After reviewing the shipper’s current load plan, our engineers developed a design enabling the shipper to triple-stack product in each end of the rail car. Our innovative damage reduction products ensured proper load stability, even though the design resulted in varied load height throughout the car. Our load plan and products allowed this shipper to increase their car weight by 6.3% which in turn reduced their transportation expenses by over $550,000 per year!

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Whether shipping by road, rail or water, the load design and optimization experts at Paylode provide you with a free on-site analysis to deliver your most efficient load plan. There are two primary ways to reduce your transportation costs: You can shift to a lower cost mode, such as intermodal or rail; or, you can increase the average weight per shipment. We have successfully completed many projects to accomplish these goals for multiple customers using proven strategies and load design expertise.

  • Optimize load design to achieve maximum weight-per-shipment
  • Support in modal shifting strategies which can result in 20%+ savings
  • Load design optimization resulting in 25% savings
  • Achieve faster loading times by up to 10%
  • Validated ability to reduce dock related loading injuries by 25%

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