The third phase of Paylode’s 4 step process is analysis. We realize that solutions must be financially feasible and meet your criteria (i.e. savings forecast, payback time frame).  We will help you understand the true cost benefit of Paylode solutions by working together with you to develop a payback analysis that fully encompasses all cost and savings opportunities.


he fourth phase of Paylode’s 4 step process is validation. Now that we have a defined solution that meets your financial needs, it is time for testing. We will provide onsite support to assist your team in validating our proposed recommendations in your environment. After all, our solutions are only as good as they perform for you!


The second phase of Paylode’s 4 step process is design. Our engineers have years of experience in designing effective load plans to meet the needs of our customers. They will review details from the inspection phase and develop a custom 3D layout. This layout will emphasize our damage reduction solutions in conjunction with your overall goals.

Four step Process


The first phase of Paylode’s 4 step process is inspection. During this initial phase we:

  1. Evaluate your product mix, mode(s) of transportation, shipping lanes and load plans
  2. Develop an understanding of what you want to accomplish (i.e. damage reduction, weight optimization, modal conversion)