Lyons Magnus Disposes of Disposable Panels

Lyons Magnus (Fresno, Calif.), a shipper of cased foods and goods, has continually sought new and better ways to load trucks faster and protect freight while saving money. Until recently the developer of fruit, beverage and chocolate products had been using 6-inch corrugated panels in the nose of intermodal containers to secure shipments. Then Lyons Magnus discovered Bulkhead Spacers from Paylode® and began securing its bottom line after only three turns. 

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As a leading beer brewer, MillerCoors® transports more than half a million loads of beer bottles, beer cans and other products from its warehouses to its distributors every year. Transporting the shipments involves carefully packing truck beds and railcars. One misstep could result in a damaged load or prohibit compliance with bridge laws.

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