When various product types and sizes are shipped, areas of void are often not consistent. The Void Gard system is a perfect solution to address variances in lateral void and eliminate the need for multiple products. 
• Use for center loading single pallets or fill the void between pallets
• Completely adjustable to ensure a tight fit
• Used with our modified Void Panel (30 x 102 x 2) to stabilizes stacks laterally
• Works well with bagged products
• Approved for use with hazardous cargo

• Multiple sizes available     

• Replaces drop down fillers, wood, & airbags for lateral voids            


Palletized goods can lean and fall into the empty spaces of a load often resulting in additional unload time and damaged products. Fill the space by easily sliding lateral void fillers into place.
• Use between pallets or product and interior walls of a truck, container, or rail car
• Use standing up or laying on its side
• Use instead of drop down filler                                                


Palletized products are often not the same footprint as the pallet, resulting in under hang. This creates a void that, if not addressed, can result in load shift and product damage. The Paylode Cover & Side Buffer is a great solution to help stabilize product stacks during transit while addressing the problem of under hang.

• Distributes loads evenly when stacking
• Fills under-hang on pallets to reduce load shift potential
• Easy and fast to install
• Replaces plywood & corrugate


Fill large voids for maximum weight loads quickly and reliably.
With Paylode Bulkhead Spacers you can save money – load faster, maximize weight capacity, and reduce damage. Ideal to use in:
• The nose end of trailers and containers to properly balance axle weight
• The center of rail car shipments to fill large longitudinal void
• Both ends of intermodal containers to brace the load from shifting


All purpose buffer between anything that might damage freight
Paylode separators do many things exceptionally well, including:
• Providing strong, secure buffer between all types of pallet loads and packaging
•Working as buffers between paylode bulkhead spacers and pallet loads
•Providing protection around air bags
•Stabilizing loads with varied stack heights                                                  

Plastic Board

New durable plastic board stabilizes double stacking, protects packaging and fills under-hang
Lightweight, extremely durable board outperforms plywood at a lower total cost.
• Use under double-stacked pallet loads to stabilize for shipment
• Use under multiple-stacked pallet loads in warehouse for safer tall stacks
• Use between pallet loads to protect product packaging
• Use to fill under-hang void on pallets                     
• Use instead of plywood & honeycomb corrugate

Our Products


Risers are often used to raise low profile cars off the floor of a railcar to prevent damage. The Paylode Wheel Riser is a terrific alternative to the wood riser because it is easier and safer to install.

• Locks into place for easy installation
• Parallel supports help prevent lateral wheel shift
• Nestable- minimizes storage space
• Great alternative to wood risers


Extreme performance panels fill voids and provide buffer protection for airbags and goods
Paylode void panels are designed to absorb impact by compressing and then recovering. This memory feature ensures that the void panels stay in place to prevent load shifting. Hdpe lightweight panels are easy to handle, yet are exceptionally strong.
• Fill longitudinal void in a rail car        
• Buffer between pallet loads of product                     
• Protection on each side of an airbag
• Replaces reinforced corrugate or plywood                   


Transporting vehicles via rail requires proper securement methods to prevent damage. The Paylode Wheel Chock is a terrific alternative to wood chocks commonly used to secure vehicles.
• Secures cars in transit
• Nestable- minimizes storage space
• Lightweight, rigid parts provide fast loading & blocking of vehicle
• Minimizes labor and installation time
• Great alternative to wood chock