A Member Perks program for your customers
Paylode is the easiest way to launch, manage & monetize the best Member Perks programs in your industry.

Spin up your own Member Perks page to your website, portal or mobile app with a few clicks.
A quality Member Perks Program helps
your Company and your Customers
Curated Collection
Pick and choose from hundreds of offers from complementary partners on our Marketplace.

Your Perks Program is curated specifically for your users and their unique preferences.
Turn-Key "No Code" Platform
Take full control of your Perks Program with simple design tools and drag & drop interface.

No need to request engineering resources from your team or wait for changes to go live.
Measure Everything
Quickly A/B test various partners to find out what your customers appreciate most.

Test Partner Offers on the fly and fine-tune your Member Perks program over time.

Pick the perfect Partner Offers for your customers

Choose any Offers from our Partnerships Marketplace.
Best offers on the internet for your Customers
Pre-negotiated discounts for your customers
Choose from a variety of categories
Add private offers from your own existing partners

Add your Company Branding

Your Perks Page will match your company's branding guidelines, including everything from fonts to logos and color palette.

No need to request help from your web-designers or engineers. All branding can be done directly inside the Paylode Platform.
Publish your Perks Page
Publishing your Perks Page takes just a few clicks. Simply copy and paste a snippet of code directly on your company website, mobile app, or user portal. No need to wait for your web-developers or engineers before you go live.
Additional Features
Drag and drop offers on your perks page
Easy to use "no code" interface enables you to create and update your Perks Page in seconds.
Measure performance on your Paylode dashboard
Track real-time performance of your Perks Pages and capture valuable insights about which partner offers your users love most.
Learn what your customers want most
Give your customers a chance to submit their own "Perk Requests". Our team will go out and get them for you in real time.
Unlock a new world of Ancillary Partnerships for your Company and your Customers
Contact us for a Demo of the Paylode Ancillary Partnerships Platform.
See Paylode In Action
See Paylode In Action